Jean-Pierre Bucciol

30 apr, 1 may, 2018



OneStepBack is a Gtk 2 and 3 theme with some colors and embossed widgets inspired by the good old NextStep look. I'm old.

It is developed from scratch, is light and minimal, uses only three shades of grays and one color. That was the challenge.

It has been tested on Arch Linux with Gnome-Shell, Gtk+ from 3.16 to 3.24, a good amount of Gtk2 and Gtk3 applications. A lot of widget controls are still missing and it is not tested at all with unity or xfce.


Current version is 0.991, released in July 2018.


The screenshots show OneStepBack theme and some color variations. They show also: Ubo Icons Theme with personal additions, Dash to Dock and Dynamic Top Bar Gnome Shell extensions.



To install the theme, unzip the archive and copy the theme in your theme directory. There is no need for any extra engine.


The author is Jean-Pierre Bucciol.


This is a GPL 3 free software. Feel free to change and share the code.

Web pages

Known Bugs


Version 0.992, working version

Version 0.991, July 2018

Version 0.99, April 2018

Version 0.98, March 2018

Version 0.97, January 2018

Version 0.96, July 2017

Version 0.95, July 2017

Version 0.94, July 2017

Version 0.93, May 2017

Version 0.92: November 2016

Version 0.91, September 2016

Version 0.9, August 2016

Version 0.8, April 2016

Version 0.7, April 2016

Version 0.6, November 2015

Version 0.5, October 2015

Version 0.4, October 2015

Version 0.3, October 2015

Version 0.2, September 2015

Version 0.1, August 2015

Version numbering

$\forall n \in \mathbb{N}^*, v_n=1-0.1^{\int(n/9)}+\rest(n/9)*10^{-\int(n/9)-1}$.


Current version:

Older versions:

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